Commingle (kɒˈmɪŋɡəl)

  1. to mix or be mixed; blend

  2. 2. to become blended

Commingle is a marketplace for Vendor's to source real estate agents (REA) that can help sell your property.  


Our process is very simple and free of charge.  We do not disclose the Vendor's details at any time throughout this process.  

Step 1: Upon the Vendor's request, Commingle will source REA's proposals/quotes to sell your property, based on defined evaluation criteria.   

Step 2:  Commingle collates all proposals and documents the information in a simplified format for the Vendor  to review.  

Step 3: Once the Vendor has completed the their review, they can select or begin the negotiation process before deciding which REA will represent them during their property transaction.  

Commingle provides an unbiased view.  Our role is to ensure the power of negotiation rest with you, the Vendor -  the owner of the property.   Our objective is to challenge suppliers to be creative, competitive and compelling, in tendering for your business.

Our vision is to make the process of selecting suppliers in the property marketplace an efficient and meaningful experience. Meaningful by way of:

  • evaluating each supplier on a level playing field, fairly and without bias

  • having suppliers submit their proposal in putting their ”best foot forward”

  • find out who is really committed to providing you with customer service


We remove the guesswork and the initial stage of having to meet with many suppliers, which can be time consuming and genrally, at inconvenient hours. 

Our service is free to customers. Submit the "Get Started" form and Commingle will do the rest.