Richard Powell - Gordon

How Commingle Can help you save time & money and remove the burden when selecting the right Reale Estate Agent

I recently engaged the services of Commingle as I was preparing to sell my house in Gordon.

My initial contact was via the internet and promptly received a call from Commingle to discuss, in very general terms, the best process available to sell my house.  I was immediately impressed with Commingle's knowledge and low key, non pushy , attitude. As most sellers know selling your house is a very emotional and nervous time, but Commingle put me at immediate ease.

As this was my first time using the company I wasn’t quite sure of my expectations. However, within days  I had four proposals to consider from the  top four selling agents from the area. All agents had significantly reduced their commission and advertising rates as their knew they were in strong competition against each other. All of the proposals were thorough and easy to understand and gave me a strong indicator of the current market conditions. I was surprised how quickly these proposals were put together.

The advantages of using this service for the Vendor were numerous and obvious: 

1) the current market conditions become far more obvious and reliable and takes away the dreaded feeling of the “unknown”
2) the amount of time saved by having all the agents pitching to the Vendor at the same time is invaluable
3) the ability to compare those proposals and , in consultation, make a well thought out decision on which agent is the “best fit”
4) the relative calmness of the approach takes away any unnecessary heavy push from agents.
5) the very professional service really puts the vendor at ease.

I would highly recommend Commingle to any of my friends and rate the service and commitment to the client a “ten out of ten”.

Richard Powell.

Kim Heras - Bellevue Hill

Bellevue Hill apartment sold Nov 2016

As first time sellers we were unfamiliar with the process of selecting the best selling agent for our property. Commingle's approach seemed to make the most sense to us and was excellent in saving us time while reducing the information gap between what agents know is normal in market and what inexperienced vendors know. 


The experience, however, wasn't about Commingle telling us what they thought was right, but more about holding our hand through the process then lending their knowledge and bargaining expertise when required. We always felt in control and when we needed help Commingle was incredibly responsive and efficient. 


We ended up saving over $10K on agents fees at sale, compared to the fees we would have paid to agents we initially spoke to (and thought were offering us a good deal!) 


Would seriously struggle to find a way to improve the experience. Honestly felt like we had a family friend who was an expert in real estate sales making sure we were looked after. 

Jayne Davey


"Based on the quotes we received through Commingle, the real estate agent commission fees varied from 1.1% to 2%.  We were able to negotiate with our selected agent and that saved us $14K. The $14K we saved was used for kitchen renovations". 

Cameron Jones

Wilston, Qld

It made sense to get quotes from real estate agents and conveyancers to test the market when we were selling our house.   I was surprised at the difference in services and costs from conveyancers when we were deciding who would complete our sale transaction.  There fees varied from $750 to $2000.

Commingle was an efficient process which helped us to make the right decision and we didn't have to waste time meeting with numerous suppliers.  

Tanya Reynolds

Richmond, VIC

I didn't want the hassle of meeting numerous real estate agents and mortgage brokers.  The only time I had available was after work.  Being able to review proposals from Commingle, I narrowed down who I wanted to meet with to discuss their proposal.  I saved about 5 hours in face to face meetings.  

Commingle service was personalised and free. 

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