10 tips to get your House ready for a Spring sale.

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1. Clean & declutter

Make your move easier by beginning the packing process now.

  • Clear out all clutter and remove items you don’t regularly use.

  • Throw away items that are broken or damaged.

  • Consider a temporary storage facility for bulky pieces of furniture, holiday decor, out of season clothing and any other items you don’t need.

2. Do a thorough inspection

This step will help you avoid any unpleasant surprises during the sale process.

  • Inspect your walls and floors for water damage

  • Check for plumbing leaks

  • Make sure your windows don’t have broken seals,

  • Check for any signs of insects or rodents

3. Compare real estate agent proposals before deciding who to list with.

  • Save time by getting proposals prior to inviting an agent into your home

  • Compare commission rate, marketing fees and sales strategies

  • Get a curbside appraisal completed

  • Commingle provides this service keeping your details confidential

4. Paint
  • Many buyers want to see a blank canvas where they can inject their own personality.

  • Paint your walls in neutral colours in a matt finish.

  • Repair any nail holes or other damage before painting

  • Touch up ceilings and trim as needed.

5. Finish projects & repairs
  • Complete any home improvement projects

  • If you have additional home improvement projects planned, make sure they can be finished in a short amount of time.

6. Clean or replace flooring
  • Carpets should be shampooed and treated for stains.

  • Tile and hardwoods should be thoroughly swept and mopped to a shine.

  • Any flooring that is stained, damaged or worn beyond repair should be removed and replaced.

  • Hardwood floors that are scratched or have lost their sheen should be refinished.

When you clean, pay attention to small details.

  • Wash windows

  • Dust blinds

  • Launder curtains

  • Dust baseboards

  • Clean appliances

  • Straighten contents of your closets

7. Freshen up fixtures & hardware
  • Light fixtures, bathroom mirrors, taps, shower heads and cabinet hardware can all be replaced for very little money and make a huge difference in terms of visual appeal.

8. Create a welcoming entrance & inviting residence

Your front door is the first thing potential buyers will see when they visit your home, so remember to make it inviting.

  • Paint the door if needed,

  • replace any damaged hardware,

  • keep decorations minimal and declutter the entrance area.

  • Include freshly cut flowers,

  • the scent of fresh cinnamon boiled on the stove (but remove the pot before the showing),

  • Fresh apples and cookies placed in plain sight in the kitchen.

9. Dress to Impress
  • Place furniture to maximize the feelings of space and light in your home,

  • Consider moving your belongings into storage and rent furniture and artwork from a home staging service on a monthly basis.

10. Get your real price

Find out how much you should list your home for by getting a property valuations:


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